Intellectual property

Patent registration

A patent is an exclusive legal right that is given for an invention. Invention is a product or process that provides a new way for it do something or offer a new technical solution for a problem.

Do you have an innovative product that you plan to patent?

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Register your patent with the Industrial Property Agency in Kosovo, for our office. We are the Authorized representative for Industrial Property and enable you to patent your invention.

Although you may not have the necessary financial resources to conduct extensive R&D to come up with a revolutionary technology and invention, you can still "invent" any days, improving the way in which operate in your business, increasing assets you use, finding new solutions, etc. Also these small but inventions valid may deserve protection as patents.

Trademark Registration

For a creator, service provider or product, the trademark is a logo, symbol, color sketch or a name that distinguishes the business from others.

In order to be protected in Kosovo, proposed trademarks must be registered with the Kosovo Industrial Property Agency (IPA).

The law as a trademark is any mark that distinguishes the services or product of a company, or of a trader from those of its competitors.

For all artisans, artists, service providers or manufacturers who bring to market a particular, clearly identifiable service or good, the trademark is an added value in doing business, as it enables recognition, trust, protection, added value in your business.

In this context, individuals and companies may own several trademarks: sa every time they come up with a new product or service, a name is created to distinguish it. Such a name is a potential trademark which, therefore, should be in compliance with all legal requirements in order to be registrable.

Industrial Design Registration

Article 3.1.4 of the Kosovo Law on Industrial Design (Law No. 05 / L-058) defines “design” as the appearance of the whole or part of a product, which results from the characteristics of the product, in particular from the shape, colors, lines, contours, texture or material of the product itself or its ornaments ”. In simple terms, industrial design can be understood as the decorative form (or visual appearance) of products.

Industrial designs apply to a wide range of industrial and handicraft products: from technical and medical instruments to watches, jewelry and other luxury goods; from didactic computer programs and household appliances to architectural structures; from textile designs to entertainment goods.

INDUSTRIAL DESIGNS do not protect:

• Name of your product / discovery

• Innovative discoveries and solutions